Antimicrobial Stewardship Quotes


“Antibiotics are uniquely societal drugs because individual use effects others in the community and environment.” -Dr. Stuart Levy,  President of the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics

“A disease outbreak anywhere is a risk everywhere.” -Dr. Tom Frieden, Director U.S. CDC

“If we use antibiotics when not needed, we may not have them when they are most needed.”  -Dr. Tom Frieden, Director U.S. CDC

“Antibiotics are among the most potent of all anxiolytics – for prescribers.” -Dr. Brad Spellberg, CMO at LAC & USC Medical Center

“Superbugs…these are our babies…now they have body piercings and anger” -House, TV Show

“Rifampin is like Robin, not Batman. Should not fight alone.” -Dr. Christopher Bland, Clinical Associate Professor at University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

“Antibiotics available for people who do not know what they are doing should be those that can do the least harm.” -Dr. Mark Crislip, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Legacy Health Hospital System

“Some antibiotic stewardship is better than none” -Dr. Jason Newland, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Physician

“When it comes to infectious diseases and antibiotics, there is only do or do not, there is no try.” -Unknown

“Antibiotics for surgery are like condoms for sex: only good just before and during the act.” -Unknown

“To learn how to use antibiotics, one must first learn how not to use antibiotics.” -Unknown

“Antibiotics kill bacteria, not your anxiety. Stop the ‘just-in-case’ indications.” -Unknown

“Fever is not a sign of ceftriaxone deficiency.” -Unknown

“The most expensive antibiotic is the one that does not work.” – Unknown

“Broad spectrum antibiotics are not a substitute for rational thought.” -Unknown

“Do not be the first to use an antibiotic, because you risk toxicity. Do not be the last to use an antibiotic, because you risk efficacy.” Unknown

“Antimicrobial stewardship is a team game with the patient at the center and it’s our teamwork that makes the dream work.” -Unknown

“The bug does not know how the drug gets there” [Referring to IV to PO] -Unknown


No action today, no cure tomorrow

The more we use antibiotics, the more we lose antibiotics

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Do I need antibiotics at all?

Saving antibiotics saves lives

Treat Infections, not culture results

The right drug for the right bug

Not all bugs need drugs

Antimicrobial resistance: one world, one fight

Antibiotics are not automatic

Antibiotics: handle with care

Antimicrobial stewardship: our role, our responsibility

Join the battle to defeat super bugs

Got a bug?

Protect antibiotics

Be an antibiotic guardian

Be aware, wash with care

Symptom free pee: let it be

Bacteriurie Asymtomatique? Oubliez Les Antibiotiques

For IV to PO initiatives: Let’s go PO! // The bug does not know how the drug got there